Blue3 drawbar presets issue


Sorry for all the Blue3 problems I’m posing to this group today, but perhaps somebody who owns Blue B and an Electro 5D can answer this question. I have a Blue3 preset in which I’m using two different drawbar settings mapped to the Upper A# and B presets. The B0 and A#0 notes on my Electro default to switch the appropriate presets in Blue3. However, when I set up the drawbars in GP and save it to B0 and save the BlueB preset as well and then set up the drawbar preset to A#0 and save that, when I go select B0 from my Electro, the drawbar setting is not the one that I saved to B0. I adjust the drawbars in GP and again save it to B0. When I then select A#0 on my Electro, that drawbar setting does not revert to what I saved. I am obviously missing something here, either in GP or BlueB.


Are the drawbars you are referring to GP widgets or drawbars within Blue3 plugin?