Beat Follower

Maybe this can already be done, and I just don’t know how?

My Montage 7 has this really nifty feature where I can give it a line in from my drummer or bass player and it syncs the live set’s (like a rack) tempo with the incoming audio. My guess is it uses something like a “beat detective” and changes the bpm.

The coolest thing is that it can FOLLOW the incoming audio, so if my drummer gets frisky and jumps 10bpm by the end of the tune, my arps and LFOs stay in sync with him.

There’s a YouTube video that shows a group doing this.

If Yamaha can squeeze this into the Montage’s processor, there has to be a way to do this on an actual computer.

Good Idea:
I do that with Ableton Live

And when you use “Link” then Gig performer can follow the tempo of your drummer.


I had an idea which i wanted to try in GP-Script…
I tried to read the value of a VU-widget and if the value was greater than 0.5 i wanted to call the Tap() function, so the BPM should change accordingly.
But unfortunately the VU-widgets seem to be resistant to any reading or writing of their value.
OK… i guess it would have reacted too slow anyway, but i was surprised that the widgets value was not accessible.
BTW, i the searched for a VST that simply acts as an audio to MIDI trigger, but there seems nothing available for that simple task… i wonder why?
Maybe this could actually be a hot candidate for another internal plugin…
One audio input, one MIDI Output, On the input side, a dial for the trigger frequency, maybe another one for a Q-factor and one for the threshold - then the MIDI output configurable for CC# and value, or Note/duration/velocity.
This could also be used for an analog triggering of other things than the BPM!

Maybe this:

Could work when the drummer plays 4 on the floor.

Insert Piz Here - midiAudioToCC?? some way using this?

Here’s the video Yamaha posted. The called it Envelope follower and Audio-sync.

Looks a lot like the Ableton utility. . . Too bad I don’t have Ableton. :joy:

Here’s a poor man’s version using GP script. You just need to use a timer to query the meter every so often. The incoming audio goes to a mixer plugin just so you can get at the meter value. The timer queries that meter value and sets a widget accordingly. The widget itself is associated with the filter cutoff of a wah-wah plugin. When I play a guitar, the harder I hit the notes, the brighter the “wah”

Follower.gig (8.2 KB)

Also, here’s a little video of me actually doing this


I have to admit, that this was even possible for you to write inside GP is proof of how flexible your software is.

Blown away by your programming skills -

Is this changing GPs tempo? If this could link to the tempo, and I could sync various LFOs… RIDICULOUS!

Even if it’s not, this is a very useful little script, and I’d consider adding it to the built in midi/mixer plugins.

This was going to be my suggestion also. Really easy: connect the Piz plugin to your audio signal, and then the ‘Envelope’ parameter will move based on the audio velocity. There is also input gain control if needed. The Inertia control helps smooth things out.Then all you need to do is use the widget ‘Group’ feature to link the Piz Envelope parameter to the one you want to control.

PizMidi AudioToCC

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I wasn’t actually changing tempos — I was just using the volume of my (not very good) guitar playing to move a widget.
But GP Script has a lot of capabilities for power users. There are function generator objects in the GP Script library that can create sine,ramps, squarewave, LFOs and ADSR shapes that can be attached to widgets to do all sorts of modulations. I don’t use those much myself but others do.

There is a Tap Tempo function call in GP Script but there isn’t actual beat detection.