Batch "Copy Current" for initial value of widgets?

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When using Initial Value for a widget set to “This Value”, there is a “Copy Current” button that updates the saved initial value. Imagine an organ Rackspace with 20 widgets on it. If I want to dial up a new patch, I have to click on 20 widgets and click the “Copy Current” button. Is there a way to save “Copy Current” for all selected widgets?


There isn’t a way to do that right now.

But what do you mean by “dialing up a new patch” that requires you to copy all the widget values?

Thanks for the quick reply. In this example I’m using BX-3 Hammond (IKMultimedia). I have a Rackspace with drawbars and many controls on it. If I always want the same starting point when I recall the Rackspace, then I use the “This Value / Reset on Rackspace activation”, which is great.

Now, imagine I decide to call up a different preset on the Hammond as my default starting point (or I move the draw bars and want that as my default starting point), I have to visit all the widgets one by one and click “copy current”, otherwise, the widget values will override the preset change the next time I recall the Rackspace.

When you call up a different preset, the parameters should change and the widgets mapped to those parameters should be set automatically.
If that is not happening, then that is a bug in the plugin.

When you are in SetList Mode then the widgets always get back to the saved value of the widgets when a rackspace variation is recalled.
No need to save the current value in the widget.

But the widget property “Ignore Variations” must not be set.

Ok, but then in SetList Mode a Snapshot could be made.

Yes - and then perhaps push that back to a rackspace

Pretty new still to GP. Actually, I am unaware of “snapshot” feature. investigating now!


Not sure what dhj means by “push that back to a backspace”, but Snapshots are exactly what I was looking for. Thanks so much guys!

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Push back means that the widget changes in the song part are pushed back to the underlying rackspace variations.
It is documented exactly in the documentation.


Here’s the link: How to capture variation edits?


This doesn’t only works for setlists, but also from the panel view using the contextual menu (right click, I don’t remember the name of the option to update all values at the same time…).

Found, it is It is “Widgets - Update Explicit Initial Values”: Manage Rackspaces/Variations contextual menu

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Hi David. I literally just stumbled over the “Update Explicit Initial Values” yesterday. :slight_smile: