Basic song problem - switching between parts

Hello everybody.
I´m just trying to switch between intro and verse and nothing is happening.
Two rigs created(just for fun ) and i want to try setlist(I´m new in GP)

Thnaks for any advice.


Trying with only PC and mouse - no midi controller etc.

With rig you mean rackspaces?

For changing sounds within a rackspace use variations which could have different sounds.
Use widgets mapped to plug-in parameters to have different sounds within one song or rackspace.
Use variations or song parts to store different widget and thus, sound settings.
Then you can create songs, and within the songs so called song parts, which point to variations of rackspaces.

For each song I play in my band, I have one song in GP with different song parts, and as I have completely different sounds for each song, there is one rackspace and one variation for each song and song part.

Please check also the manual:

And the excellent blog for getting started: