Backstage with Trey Gunn

Hello! Today I was super fortunate to watch the webinar with Trey Gunn
and the Robert and the David discussing using GP4 as a performance
tool and a mixing tool. Fabulous and so exciting. What an astonishing
brain trust.

Now that I’ve heard Trey talk about how he uses it as his live fx and
so much more, I’m keen to keep my pedals in the studio and get this
2015 macbookpro up and running with my old RME fireface and some great

My old chapman stick is suddenly beginning to seem viable again too,
which is an unexpected bonus. Carrying two processing rigs around became
impractical about 25 years ago…

The audio engineer who was part of the panel was also thoroughly inspiring, learning how he integrates GP4 with his mixing rig as an FX rack as well as an audio recorder for recording live shows is excellent.

Thanks for the wonderfully inspiring webinar. Having David Jameson on board was a total bonus. Everyone gave such good advice and answers to viewers questions. Kudos to the presenter, who kept the webinar pace upbeat and succinct. YAY GP.


I also watched it live, based on tweets from Trey. Great session!

Since then, I downloaded the demo, purchased it, bought new keys and a pedalboard (waiting for deliveries), and have been getting my hands dirty. This is the solution that I’ve wanted for literally decades. DAWs were not the solution (for live.) Ableton never quite clicked for me. GP does almost everything I need. And when I find a hole, I generally find that the solution is already on the roadmap.

I can hardly wait for the Rosanna live event!


Hi @JonFair,

welcome to the family.

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@JonFair thank you for the kind words - we really appreciate it!

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