Backstage with Gig Performer Welcomes European Drum and Bugle Corps Champions

The latest newsletter: Backstage with Gig Performer Welcomes European Drum and Bugle Corps Champions

Today is a new Backstage episode:


This is a note to @BPontecorvo regarding your Backstage streams.
I know you do your best to prepare for a great experience with these show, and I always look forward to learning something new. To me 98% of them are priceless and I thank you.
Given the fact that things can and often go wrong in the streaming process, I have had difficulty for sometime now finding the info on an upcoming event. Since you use Face Book and You Tube for these streams, I often search both to see what’s coming. At the Backstage page, I have clicked “Upcoming Events” but see no events. Today Oct 26 with Ronald, I only stumbled onto it at the last minute, showing that it was going to stream. I am not sure if this is overlooked, as maybe it was a last minute decision on your part to stream it, or something else. Personally, I believe this could diminish your lack of a potential audience base. I noticed on Face Book Backstage, I did not have any option to watch until the presentation was underway. I really did not have anytime to prepare for participation, although this was one episode I did not really have many questions. I hope this post reaches you, as I saw no reply on that stream, as to how to contact you regarding this. Once again — Thanks for all your hard work.

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But yes, I guess that the streams (“events” on the FB) can be posted a bit earlier! :slight_smile:


Thanks Nemenja, I did not have problems in the past, but will try this.