B5/UVI madness

Well, it appears that I’m still having absolutely no success in downloading the latest version (2.5) of B5. Although I’ve been in contact with their tech support guy, his advice has not taken care of my problems. This morning, I decided to completely start over with UVI & B5 by uninstalling it from my MBP. However, when I opened up a GP rackpace where I had B5(2.2), the plugin still appears and works. I am completely confused as to how this is possible. When I was attempting to extract the rar file of 2.5 per the instructions of their tech support with The Unarchiver, I kept getting error messages that seem to point towards the issue being the Unarchiver app(see attached files).


Can’t tell where you’ve placed your UVI Soundbanks folder. I created a folder under my Documents folder called UVISoundBanks. No problem writing to that folder. That’s on Windows, but the idea should be similar for the Mac.

Also, you may want to try a different decompressor. The compressed file may be too big for Unarchiver, or maybe it just needs a writable directory to extract to.

Try rather this : 7-zip app

Stuffit Expander works well.

Thanks! Acoustic Samples suggested that my rar may be damaged, so I’m currently downloading it from a link they emailed me.

From the message I got, I assume that it’s for Windows only?


TO clarify, this is when I attempted to download the 7-zipp app…

@musicbysterling — I recommend that you reach out directly to the AcousticSamples people for how to download and uncompress their plugin. There’s clearly something wrong with what you’re doing to download/extract their plugin.

Sorry 7-ZIP is for Windows only, I forgot you have a MBP :grimacing:

Oh, I didn’t even notice that. On a Mac, I use BetterZip but it’s not free.

I am using “The Unarchiver” on Mac

I’ve been in contact with Nicolas there. He’s been very responsive and supportive, so I’m confident that we’ll get it figured out.

The UVI folder is in Application Support. That’s where it automatically shows up and where the tech told me it should be.