B-5 Organ V3 Host Automation

Hi everyone
I’m still loving Gig Performer!
I do have a question about Host Automation with AcousticSamples B-5 Organ V3 (my favourite tonewheel Hammond plugin)…
I’m trying to configure the various faders, knobs, buttons etc on my Arturia Keylab 88 II to control various plugin parameters such as drawbar position, percussion on/off etc, but am having some trouble. I’ve watched this video tutorial, which shows how easy it should be:
Gig Performer | How to rapidly assign plugin parameters to widgets (with video)
The problem I have is that when I press the ‘Learn Parameter’ button in the Mapping pane of the Edit window, and then move the (e.g.) drawbar within the plugin, it does NOT do anything to the widget - i.e. moving the drawbar after that does not move the widget (a brown drawbar).
Do I need to enable host automation within the UVIWorkstation? Or remove existing/default mappings to CC values? Or something else?
Apologies, still finding my feet with this excellent program. I also did wonder if there was a repository of rackspaces people could collaborate on?
Thanks in advance.

Apologies, just seen the Shared Rackspaces topic, so please ignore that bit of my question!

Maybe you will find some hints in this thread… there is also some talk about host automation:
Applied Acoustics B5 help needed - Gig Performer on Mac OS X - Gig Performer Community

Thanks schamass, that helped me get to the next step, which in turn helped me to work out the rest of the solution.

Here’s how I got Host Automation to work in AcousticSamples B-5 Organ V3:

  1. In Edit mode, drag a new widget into the Panel (e.g. a brown drawbar)
  2. With the widget selected, in the Mapping pane, under Plugin, select UVIWorkstation
  3. Then in the Mapping pane, under Parameter, select an unused 'Host Automation’e.g. ‘Host Automation 1’
  4. Click Open Plugin
  5. Right-click / Control-click the (e.g.) drawbar you want to control
  6. To the right of Host Automation within the popup window, choose the same ‘Host Automation’ you just selected above e.g. ‘Host Automation 1’
  7. Press Close
  8. Optional: I needed to refresh by going into Panels mode (top left) and then back into Edit mode.
  9. Select the same widget again
  10. Within the Widget Properties pane, under Value, click Reverse button (if necessary) to invert the behaviour of the drawbar
  11. Go back to Panels mode to test your new Host Automation by moving either the drawbar in the plugin, or your drawbar widget
  12. Now go and assign your widget to your controller (e.g. slider/fader on keyboard) in the normal way

If anyone has any improvements to the above, please let me know.



Thanks for posting your solution back to the community to benefit others.

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