AUv3: are there any plans to support it in GP?

I have no idea how many there are at this point but I know of two developers of excellent plugins who either are or will soon be shipping AUv3s (and with no VST alternative).

Fred Anton Corvest (FAC) - very widely respected on iOS as a maker of exceptionally good plugins - is already shipping some through the Mac App Store. Chorus and Alteza are standouts.

Blue Mangoo - also from the iOS world and maker of the iFretless series of apps among many others - is about to ship Attack Softener, an extremely fast and accurate envelope/transient shaper that works really well on guitar (but is really handy to throw at any sound).

I have no idea what effort is involved in making AUv3s work in GP but you can see them in Plugin Manager - they just fail to validate.

I’m just wondering if there is any appetite to make this happen - and if so, roughly when that might be?


New technologies are showing up all the time and there are always plans to support those in GP, but we cannot promise if or when will will implement support for AUv3 format.

It is very unusual for a plugin developer to do just one format though. This basically excludes their product from many other professional products and other hardware platforms.