Auto-save feature


Crashes do happen (it just did…:cry:), whether it’s because of a plug or GP or power outage ot whatever… :slight_smile:
An Auto-save feature when in any edit mode would be nice, say every 5 minutes.

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Then an auto-backup rather than an auto-save. I often start from an existing gig file to do some testing that I don’t want to save.


I think Auto Save could lead to different issues - like David-san says sometimes you just want to try some things without saving.
But what about an option to log changes you made in a Gig and when you open that gig after a crash
Gig Performer is able to redo the actions that have been made but not saved?
For example like Ableton Live does it when a Live Set has been crashed and was not saved before.

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Autosave with timestamps might work, this is on our list. Personally, I’m just in the habit of hitting CMD-S quite often and then I depend on TimeMachine to get back to a previous version.

I know the Windows world doesn’t have TimeMachine but there are some alternatives, e.g. Genie Timeline although I have no idea how good it is.


What about an undo button?? For when editing rackspaces etc