AU's not working / VST's failing

I’m running into an on-going issue where AU’s will work for a while and then without making any changes to my Gig, they will suddenly stop functioning. I’ve been told AU’s aren’t particularly compatible with GP and to use VST’s however the problem I’m running into is that the majority of my VST’s (for the same instruments as the AU’s) are failing when scanned. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get these VST’s working in GP? Examples would be Lounge Lizard EP Piano, Musiclab Real, Guitar/RealStrat, Blue Organ, etc. These are the two primary ones I’m working with currently.

AUs are absolutely compatible with GP. The issue of concern is simply that developers tend to only test the AU versions with Apple’s hosts so may miss some issues.

That said, they shouldn’t just stop working. And all those VST plugins you mention should work just fine.

From your description though, I wonder if you’re running GP on Apple Silicon but your plugins are still Intel format. In that scenario, Apple will run Rosetta for the AUs but won’t handle VSTs. That mixed mode is not reliable and we don’t support it.

See this blog article for more details

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That seems to have done the trick. Went from 32 failed plug-ins to 3. All the VST’s are now showing up in GP. Thanks for the article and recommendation. Hopefully these developers will eventually update the plugins but for now, I have a solid work around.

What did you actually do?

I followed the directions in the article you provided

Ok so you’re confirming that you were in fact running GP natively on Apple Silicon but with Intel VSTs