Audio Switcher/Router

Mixers are fine but I would prefer a switcher/router. Routing several (2 would be nice, 4 would be great) stereo inputs to one stereo output and the ability to switch, which input is on.
I know it can be done with mixers but it is not so elegant.

Edit: It would be PERFECT if the router could automatically bypass the unused plugins.

Would you need that only when you design your routing or do you need such an option during live performance?

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In live performance. I have an extensive rack space with several guitar amps that I switch on and off. Using a mixer right now to make the routing, but it just feels wrong because I am only using one at a time. In a real world setup I would use an audio switcher to go back and forth in between them.
Same for effects, using 3 different delay plugins but only one at a time.