Audio stereo streaming of GP (+video/webcam)

In order to provide a solution for the piano lesson of my childrens during the COVID-19 shutdown, I am looking for the best way to stream a GP stereo output possibly with a webcam (Skype, WhatsApp, realtime Youtube streaming, etc…) to the iphone or ipad of the piano teacher which as no particular computer skills.

I started to test with Skype and could stream the GP audio output to my iPhone but if was not stereo and the sound was quite poor…

Any other idea ?


Today i had my second net-guitar-lesson via Skype. I use the cam of my laptop for the picture and the loopback output of my Motu interface for the sound. I made a rackspace with a channel for a microphone, one for the guitar and one for drums. I also put a sidechain compressor in the mic-branch, so the mic is getting ducked when i play the guitar (no string noise through the microphone). Works great! :+1:


Sounds good :slight_smile:

@David-san I’d try Zoom. It’s not difficult to use and some people said sound would be much better than in Skype and the stream would be more reliable. I haven’t tested it myself except one short meeting - it’s just what I heard. For MacOS there’s Loopback and for Windows I had good results with Voicemeeter for the virtual audio routing.

Talking about Zoom, maybe this affordable piece of hardware might be interesting too…

While Zoom is known for disregarding, even lying about user privacy, I must admit it works like a charm for audio work.

On the Mac, additionally to sharing your screen, you can share your computer‘s audio which will install a dedicated audio device input device. Audio sent over this device will not be subjected to the extreme compression video conferencing system typically use for voices. It really is an excellent tool in that regard, I‘ve done quite a few hours of remote-collaborative DAW work with it in the last days :slight_smile:

@keyman, @schamass , @jazzundso, @dhj, and @simon thank you for your answer.

So first of all, I have no loopback issue, my RME UCX does this well and I could play through GP through Skype without any problem. Thanks for the advice regarding hardware, but these days the delivery is quite hazardous, so I will try to focus on software solution.

It seems that for the moment there is a consensus for It should have a better audio quality, but is it stereo ? And their website is everything I dislike… blabla business solutions, blabla ask for a demo, blabla world leader, suscribe for free…

Well I still don’t know if it will be easy to install and use for a piano teacher and if it is available for ios, as the piano teacher has only an iPhone. So should I suscribe to have an answer ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I refuse to use zoom due the controversy over their privacy practices

Yes :+1:t2: (At least on the Mac)

For pure HQ audio streaming, there‘s also an open-source solution, built by a guy well known in the German maker and podcasting scene:

It’s audio only and not as easy to set up (especially if you want stereo), but the quality is high and the privacy concerns are low :slight_smile:

The idea is to stream stereo from a PC to an iPhone, and if I understand well you need the desktop version for stereo.

Regarding Studio-link, it seems there is no iOS version. :confused:

Oh, i forgot about the iOS requirement :see_no_evil:

To send stereo, you need the desktop version which would fit your use case, right?

Yes but the piano teacher will use an iPhone (for “receiving”) and the iOS version doesn’t seem to be stereo.

Oh, It doesn’t even receive stereo - that’s really unfortunate :confused:

It seems so… I will perhaps try Youtube Live :confused:

Hi, This is KB in Dallas and I am trying to set up a custom system for Steinway North here in Dallas.
Useing a ZOOM 2Qn 4k on a large 3 wheel BOOM stand for wide shot and demonstration purposes, and a MAC Air Book Pro with ZOOM conference on an autolocater stand to the right of the piano sales person. Can you go back and forth having the MacBook Camera to talk to a client and then “2Qn Wide Shot” within the ZOOM software ( for prformance demo). Like an A/B button within the ZOOM software remembering the CAM/MIC settings for the 2Qn and the Headset/USB (settings) for the Sales/Pianist ? Thanks KB

I don’t know :man_shrugging:
This menu in the software suggests that it is possible to switch between multiple cameras during a call.

However: If you want HQ audio, you’ll have to use the computer audio sharing option that comes with screenscreensharing.