Audio player synched to tap tempo please


i use the audio player to fly in parts for my 3 piece band, it would be awesome, but i’m sure hard to do, if the audio player could speed up or slow down the audio (without changing pitch) to tap tempo, for obvious reasons


I am using Ableton Live for backing tracks.
Gig Performer switches scenes, starts scenes, controls levels of tracks by sending OSC messages
to a max patch within Ableton.
Runs super reliable and with Link all is in synch.
I am using Ableton Live because of flexible Audio and because I am using Midi to control visuals in
GrandVJ and using DMXIS to control some lights for the show.


do you open both gp and abelton seperatly? can you route the audio from abelton into gp for a combined output?


Yes I open separately and send them via TotalMix to my RME UFX II
But I could also route the output of Ableton Live via Loopback into GigPerformer.
This way the introduced latency does not matter :wink:


what’s the smallest gig wise version of ableton that’ll do this?


M4L (Max for Live) is only available in the Suite Version.
Controlling Track Levels and start the selected scene would also work just via Midi Mapping in Intro and Standard Versions.
But the Intro Version only support 8 Scenes (1 Scene stand for 1 Song - normally).
So the minimum would be the standard edition but when you want to use OSC (available via M4L)
you need the suite.


Here is a short video that shows how to control Ableton live via IAC Driver.
This should be possible with Ableton Intro also.