Audio player losing track of files


I occasionally use the Audio Player to play an audio clip during a song. (Someday play to implement the feature further to add more complex scenarios.) I will set up a rack space and song , load a file and all will work fine. Will work for the next few days. However, I have reloaded the gig days or a week later and I get an error message saying that the audio file can’t be found (even though the audio file and the gig are in the same locations).

Which leads me to ask if GP is expecting files to be in a particular directory or something?



That message is very clear and should actually tell you exactly where the file was when it was last loaded. If you move the file - the file player obviously cannot find it. Audio files are NOT relative to your gig file - they are absolute as you may be using the same file in several gigs.

Take a look at that message carefully - it will tell you where you had the file last so move the file back there and reopen the gig.

Hope this helps.



@djogon Thank you for your reply.

Yes, but I have NOT moved the files. They have the same file path as when I added them originally. I have all my performance related files on Dropbox so that I can access them from which ever computer and rig I am using at the time. The Audio files I use are in the same Dropbox folder in a fixed location for that very reason. So GP SHOULD be able to locate them - and yet it is not. And just to be clear, it’s the computer/rig that I used to add the file initially that is reporting the error. Weird.

Could it somehow be because they are on the cloud?



Not really. The files are either there or not. They could be in the same folder in your Dropbox, but your dropbox physical location on your computer can change any time. GP Does not care about dropbox or any other file service - simply the FULL path to the file including all folders, (drive later on widows) and mount points (on a mac).

So your file name or it’s location changed. I can’t tell you how, but it did. If you look at the message that pops up carefully it actually tells you exactly where the original file was loaded from when you last saved that gig file.