Audio Interfaces with firmware mixer


I normally use an RME UFX which has a firmware based mixer allowing you to create submixes independent of the computer. It’s built into a rack along with other devices including my in-ears wireless transmitter, my eigenharp interface, a network router and stuff. However, for something I"m hoping to do soon, I need a simpler system so I can just carry audio interface, keyboard and laptop. I only need inputs to get a mix from the band monitoring system but I would like there to be a firmware mixer so I can create submixes without using the computer.

Anyone know of a really good sounding audio interface with the above functionality? I’ve thought about the RME UCX but it’s really expensive.


Take a Look at Native Instruments Audio 6


Maybe if you’d be a bit more specific…? :wink:
How many In/out channels do you need?
19" rack format or smaller?

Maybe something like this?


That’s the thing — I don’t want a large device for this particular situation but I want a really good sounding device.
I only need two inputs (for monitoring the rest of the band) and two outputs, maybe four. I have a Keith McMillen K-Mix which is quite small and has more I/O than I need but I’ve found that its latency is not very good.


Maybe you just should visit the page of Thomann (one of the leading music stores in Germany, or maybe even Europe)… their page is a really good source to dig through the existing gear on the market.
In case of audio interfaces, you may even filter by height, width and depth… :wink:
You can also find many user-ratings, which may help you with your decision.
Good luck, finding your preferred device:


Yeah, well, I’ve got Sweetwater here and various other experts — I just figured that there might be some specific insights from other users.


Sorry to sidetrack here but I have a k mix as well. I really love that it’s an interface, mixer, and control surface all in one. You mentioned that you don’t like the latency, I have no basis for comparison…has you found that the latency is noticeably worse than other USB interfaces?


Oh yeah. There’s considerable differences in latency as you get higher quality devices (and drivers). See for example this link. But it also depends on one’s usage. For example, depending on how far away you are from your monitors, the latency of your interface may be irrelevant. My partner wrote a great article on this topic. See

Also, below is a link to a performance database for audio interfaces that might be of interest.