Audio Interface Keeps Disconnecting

Hi fellow GP users! I’m using Omnisphere with GigPerformer on a 2015 MacBook Pro running Mojave, but I’m getting random freezes and audio interface disconnects, about every hour on average, which is really frustrating, as it doesn’t happen often enough to diagnose the problem, but it’s not reliable enough to gig with.

I’m using a Focusrite Scarlett 4i4 3rd Gen audio interface, and a Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol F1 midi controller, both connected directly to the MacBook. Keyboard is connected to the Focusrite Scarlett via traditional midi.

Typically GigPerformer stops responding to the controller, then about 1-2 minutes later I lose audio and get the red “Audio Interface Disconnected” screen for about 30 seconds, then it all re-connects and carries on working.

Any suggestions how I can diagnose and fix the problem? So far I’ve tried different USB-IF certified cables, and checked current drawn from the USB ports (about 300mA for the Kontrol F1 and 530mA for the audio interface - both well within the 900mA that Apple allows for ports on a 2015 MBP).

Beginning to suspect the Kontrol F1 as it’s a very uncommon midi controller (normally it would be a DJ controller, but it has a midi mode, where it supposedly operates as a class-compliant midi device). I like it as it has the right mix of faders and pads for my needs, plus it’s a great form factor that sits on the keyboard nicely, but perhaps it’s just not reliable using it for an application it wasn’t really intended for.

Are you running in trial mode or are you a licensed user? If you’re in trial mode, that red disconnection is expected.

Definitely licensed - help menu says “Your license is activated - Click to deactivate”.

From what I remember when I first checked out GP, the disconnecting in trial mode was much more regular - this happens every 1-2 hours.

Are you using USB-cables delivered by Native Instruments?

Hi, yes using the usb cable it came with, which looks like a decent cable with a ferrite balun. Might try another cable.

In my day job, I design hardware of products with usb, so I understand usb signal integrity and cable quality. Getting Apple certification for usb can be really difficult - needs higher signal integrity than just passing the usb consortium specs.

This one has me stumped though!

I avoid using their cables, because from time to time I faced a disconnect from my S88 II Keyboard!
And when this happens, the audio connection to my RME UFX II is broken also.

I am on Mac Mojave.

Thanks pianopaul - that’s good to know! I wondered if an issue on another usb peripheral could take out the audio interface also.

Last time I had a weird issue like this, it was because I replaced the USB cable delivered by RME by another one a bit shorter (it took me days to understand it was the quality of the cable).

Another time, it was a faulty SDRAM, but it caused my Windows to freeze definitely. It also took me a few days to diagnose using something like that for Windows:

You can also try a (seriously) powered USB HUB, with 830mA you are perhaps too close to the limit of 900mA… :thinking:

Had USB disconnects yesterday. I cleaned and tightened my USB connectors and it seems to be OK now. I use Deoxit D5 spray cleaner with pipe cleaners that can get into and scrub the USB slot. They can also get into XLR pin holes.

I experience this issue on occasions when I open up GP.
How does one tighten up the ends of USB cables?

here is a video that demonstrates-