Audio glitches - sending too much MIDI?

I’m still getting some brief audio dropouts, usually when I play a lot of notes and overuse the sustain or volume pedals. It’s almost as if the MIDI information is interfering with the sound playback. I’ve toned back my rackspaces with fewer plugins and brought the overall memory load of GP to hover in the 12 GB range. That seemed to help. Sure would like to know how to get rid of it completely without compromising sound quality. I’ve followed all of the optimization suggestions as well.
Here’s my setup:
Computer: Apple MacBook Pro (2019) running Big Sur; 16GB RAM; 1TB SSD with 600GB available
Audio Interface: UA Apollo Solo Thunderbolt 3
Keyboard: Arturia Keylab 88 Mk II running 2 volume pedals and 2 footswitches
Audio settings in GP and Apollo: 44.1 KHz 24bit with buffer set to 512 samples (11.6 ms)

Any ideas you might have are appreciated.

How high is the CPU meter of Gig Performer in such “glitch” situations?
Which plugins do you use, and how many, at the same time?
Does this happen with every rackspace/plugin or are there particular plugins which bring up that issue?

The CPU meter typically is around 20% but when the glitches happen, it jumps up to around 40%.
I load all the rackspaces used in the songs on my setlist (30) and many songs have their own corresponding rackspace. I use Kontakt Komplete for pianos, Arturia V Collection for organs, EPs, and synths, and 8dio via Kontakt for strings. Rarely are there more than 2 or 3 sound plugins in a given rackspace. The Kontakt pianos seem to be the ones causing glitches often due to a lot of notes playing at once with the sustain on. Perhaps there’s something in the Kontakt Instrument Options for voice handling or DFD options that might help, or overall Memory handling. If I knew what causes the glitches, I could take effective steps to mitigate them. I’m on GP 4.1.5. Thanks.

Did you enable Multi Core in Kontakt?
What version of Kontakt are you using?
Did purge Sample Pool in Kontakt and then play all needed notes/velicities and saved that?

I found an NI article on Kontakt optimization:
and will go through that to see if I can improve things. Thanks for the direction.

Please report here if those guidelines solve your issue.

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The article suggested that I update Kontakt so it was now updated to version 6.6.1.
The article didn’t suggest it but I set the "CPU overload protection (by killing voices) to the “relaxed” setting.
The Multiprocessor support (AU plugin) was set to 16 cores so I left that as is.
I decreased the Max Voices for the piano from 256 down to 120.
Some songs were consolidated into one rackspace with variations to mute the plugins not needed for that song (i.e. rackspace contains both acoustic piano and electric piano with mute buttons on the rack and the song determines which one gets muted. That alone brought the RAM down from 13.5 GB to a more comfortable 11.5 GB.
The other suggestions were already in place or didn’t apply to my setup.
I’m thinking the RAM criteria played the biggest part in this and making use of fewer rackspaces using less plugins and more use of variations will ultimately be the way to go. Limitations are a good thing!