Audio glitch when opening a gig project

Hi everyone, I don’t know if it just happens to me, but when I open a project, in my case made up of 71 rackspaces, I hear some audio glitches while loading (usually there are 3 or 4).
I also noticed that, after loading all the rackspaces, if I select the rackspaces in succession, from the first to the last (this operation is done by not playing midi notes), some glitches are reproduced again. If I repeat this operation for a second time (without closing GP), the glitches are no longer reproduced.

Anyone have any idea of the cause?
the GP version is 3.8.1
When the project is fully loaded, I still have 50% of memory available (out of a total of 32 GB). The CPU is an i7 - 6700HQ @ 2.6 GHz
This happens on PC with OS WIN10.

Thanks a lot in advance,

Certain plugins can demand more of the CPU upon initial load, which in turn could cause audio glitches.
I would note which rackspaces caused a glitch when you select the rackspaces in succession, and then take note of the plugins in those rackspaces. Perhaps you can narrow down a particular culprit.

‘Glitch’ is a very broad term. Can you be more specific? I also wouldn’t worry about what happens while the gig file is loading (I also have the Pref set to mute the Master Trim on startup, so I never hear anything :wink:

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Hi Rank13, what exactly do you expect as an answer to your question?

I tried, the only drawback I find is the fact of remembering to reactivate the Master Trim before starting the concert (which I would surely forget in case I had to restart the PC in case of problems).

At most I could think of a design operation of GIG that automatically, during the loading of the project, disable the output audio channels and reactivate them as soon as the loading is finished.

That’s not a bad idea. We will add that suggestion to our tracking system.

For example, is it the typical clicks/pops that you get when your interface can’t keep up, or something else such as a reverb plugin that’s outputting the last thing in its buffer.

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I think I know what Angelo means - I know I certainly hear very short fragments of audio as each patch loads; I’m using guitar so it’s only really noticeable on high gain patch’s where you might hear a very short fragments of noise as the pickup noise (using single coils so a little noisy at higher gain) goes through the plugin path.

I’d imagine it could possibly be the same if some plugins are generating some noise themselves (in analog emulations etc) which is then going through other effects etc?

I’ve never thought anything of it really but the suggestion from Angelo does seem a sensible one - the gig file isn’t playable until it’s fully loaded so audio might as well be muted to avoid any issues.

I mentioned reverb specifically as I’ve had a few behave like this. I would therefore also appreciate an option to prevent Input audio making its way to plugins as the gig loads, as I usually can’t help strumming away as I wait.

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