Audio file player issue (missing or disabled)

I´ve noticed a strange issue today with the Audio file player. When I open my gigfile it tells me the Audio file player is missing or disabled.
When I try to move from there (wiring view) to setlist view to a Song using audio file player, GP will instantly crash. (I can upload the crash dump if it helps)
But when I open a rackspace using Audio file player it will open normally and work. And after using a rackspace with audio file player I can move to Setlist view and open the same Song without crashing GP!?

Any ideas?

I´m on GP 4.5.8 in Rosetta mode on a M2 Macbook MacOS Ventura 13.0

Screenshot GP

Can you Upload a small gig?

When I create a small Gigfile with the few Songs where I use Audio Player, the error dissapears…

Looking to the crashdump it seems to be related to GPScript. (I´m using the great Script an Panel for Audioplayer from @schamass )
Screenshot GP_crashdmp

Would it be possible to find something in the crashdump that may be the problem?

crashdump.txt (164.5 KB)

I’ve never seen an internal plugin be marked as missing/disabled. Curious to hear @dhj ’s thoughts on this one.

Can you upload the gig file where the issue occurs?

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Ok when I load the gig I get the message that Audio File Player is missing.
In which rackspace is Audio player used?

No chameleon here on Windows.

Sonne 2

Ok, I got the message but the Audio File Player exists.
Then I cleared the audio file player lanes - as I do not have the referenced audio files - and saved the gig and after reload the message did not occur anymore.

I think I found the root cause.
Turn that button “OPEN PLAYER” off, save the gig and reload the gig.
At least I do not get the chameleon message on Mac.
Seems that when the player should be opened automatically and some files are missing, then the chameleon is shown.

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Yes, by re-saving the file I was able to get rid of the chameleon message, but GP still crashes when I load the Gig direct to Setlist View, (First Song: Get up also has the Audioplayer in use) or when I load the Gig to wiring view and switch immediately to Setlist view as soon as it´s loaded.
When I load any other rackspace first in wiring view, then I´m able to go to Setlist view without a crash.
Very strange…

Next thing to try is remove all the scripting and check for any difference.

Crash report please?

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To be exact, this has nothing to do with missing audio files.
Seems when using predictive load and open automatically the pluging then the chameleon message appears.
When predictive load is disabled the chameleon message does not appear.

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Hmm, this seems to be running on Rosetta — does it happen if one runs natively on M1?

When I open the Gig in native M1 mode, the chameleon message still appears, but it doesn´t seem to crash, which is good news.
So it´s another reason to get rid of the few plugins that don´t support M1 natively yet.

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