Audio File Player FLAC support in GP4?

Will FLAC file playback be supported by Audio File Player in GP4?
If so, thanks.
If not, why not?

I reviewed the announcement of the GP4 upgrade and did not find a mention of this.

I think you already had your answer😉


There are over 100 new features/updates/improvements in GP4 — no room to mention them all in an announcement :slight_smile:


As it happens, I did receive that answer.

I’ve been around software for a long time, and it’s no reflection on GP, but I’ve observed that promises made on chat groups aren’t always implemented. Since my decision on whether to upgrade to GP4 depends in part on whether this feature was implemented, I thought I’d ask.

Have a nice day.

This doesn’t apply to Deskew, where promises are promises! :wink:


Which is why we never promise something we don’t know with 100% certainly that we can deliver.