Audio Damage Enso - Live Looper

Looks like it could be a great plugin for live looping within GP.

Definitely crying out for use in a Global Rackspaces #hinthint :wink:


Thanks for the suggestion. I’m a looper noob and it’s been taking a while to get my head around Enso, but I’m starting to come to grips with it and really enjoying it. In addition to using a midi pedal to trigger the record/play, it’s also been useful mapping the feedback setting to an expression pedal as a way to change how slow/fast the overdubs fade out. I find loopers such a creative tool!

I also wanted to try the legendary Mobius but GP says it failed to initialize.

What version of Mobius did you try? Earlier ones were not 64-bit

Are you using jBridge for Mobius? I use Mobius extensively in GP for my one-man act, and it works fine when bridged properly.
@dhj yes, its still a 32 bit plugin,sadly. No one has picked up the banner to make it 64 bit yet.

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That’s the same download that’s been there for years, and its 32-bit. I know it says that it’s 32 or 64, but its not. The 64-bit reference there is talking about 64-bit OS, not it being a 64-bit plugin. The dll still needs to be bridged into the 64 bit folder to appear in any DAW list.

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Thank you. jBridge for Mac got it working for me. I did experience GP hanging once when I was opening/closing the mobius ui (can’t remember which) but now it seems fine. I haven’t got midi triggers working yet but I’ll do some more experimenting/reading.

i’m using Augustus Looper by Expert Sleepers. works pretty well for me, though it’s a bit clunky. has a lot of control.