Associate MIDI Output Device in Rig Manager


In the manual under rig manager where it talks about creating input aliases, there is an area that describes associating the input alias with an output device. I’m not sure what this does and I could not find any way to remove the output association.

Could you please describe what this is intended for and maybe make it a bit clearer in the user manual?





We probably should explain this in more detail


This section always confuses me too…

Make me feel better that I’m not the only one. :smiley:


This is used when the SYNC option is enabled for a widget that is controlled by an MIDI event from an Input device. The SYNC by default goes back to the same MIDI device, which is what you’d want in most cases, but sometimes you’d maybe want to SYNC or “send out” those MIDI messages to a different device so it can display the values.


Thanks @djogon !

Is there a way to disable the output (undefine it) after you have defined it in case you no longer want sync to occur? Right now the only way I could figure it out is to send it back out to some unused MIDI port.


This is a WIDGET option, not a permanent one that’s always happening. If you never enable SYNC option for a widget this has zero impact.

What are you sending back and how?

Hi @SteveC-Bome

when a Widget has SYNC enabled the MIDI message learned is sent back to to Device which has sent the MIDI Message.
This way - for example on my S88 - when I move a widget which has learned the message sent from a Knob on my S88 sends it back to the S88.
This way the Hardware Knob is in sync with the actual widget value.
When I move the Knob on the S88 the widget is moved and vice versa.

What @pianopaul is saying is that this is only useful if you have motorized faders or knobs / displays that can actually receive and somehow display the MIDI value. Infinite encoders with some LEDs for example work well with this.


OK so if I turn sync off in the widget, nothing goes back out. I just didn’t want MIDI message echoing back to my MIDI device in my case. For instance on an APC-MINI if you send CC fader messages back to it fast, it can actually crash the controller, so I only would want to echo them if I knew it would do no harm or produce something useful like LED indicators or motorized faders.


Sure :slight_smile:

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