Assigning widgets in Omnisphere 2

I’m still struggling with Omnisphere and GP. When I connect up the Omnisphere block to my MIDI controller (Arturia Keylab 88) the result is what is expected, Omnisphere is triggered by the controller. However, without even creating and assigning an expression widget in GP, the volume of the part in Omnisphere is being controlled by the pedal. When I open up the Omnisphere VST, I do not see what volume control the pedal is actually associated to. The Global volume slider is not moving, nor is the Part level slider for the two parts that I can see. Then, when I create a widget in GP and assign it in Omnisphere, my next issue is how to successfully assign it to a volume control in Omnisphere. Under Mapping in GP, except for the first 8 parameters which are labeled Level, all others are numbers. So what I do is select the 1st number after the last Level and click on Learn Parameter, which brings up Omnisphere. I then go to the Global volume slider, Control click and select Host Automation and then go back into GP. When I move the expression pedal, the volume in Omnisphere is not controlled. What am I not understanding in GP and/or Omnisphere here?

I don’t use Omnisphere myself but I suspect that your pedal is sending regular CC7 (volume) messages and if there’s no widget involved, then the CC7 message is being passed through to Omnisphere where it gets appropriately interpreted as volume.

Omnisphere has some default Host Automations. They are already defined even before you add any. These will mess you up. I kept experiencing the same behavior… “Why are levels changing???”
View this option…

Then view the default assignments. You can unlearn these, as I have.

Not sure what to do from the Show Current Assignments menu. When I click on it, nothing happens. No clue how to access the MIDI Learn Assignments menu

What it should be doing is opening a window in your internet browser. There it will show the current MIDI Learn Assignments.

Right clicking on any assignable controller within Omnisphere will give you a menu for enabling Host Automation and MIDI Learn.

I got the current MIDI assignment page to open. What do I do next in Omnisphere to begin to edit them?

Have you reviewed this, and in particular, the support page on the Omnisphere support site?