Assigning cc’s to widgets

Last time i used gp, this was all working, click on widget in edit mode, hit learn midi controler, move my expression pedal and it gets assigned, now nothing, i see no point in rig manager cause i use this with inly this setup, and i tried to midi learn things in rig manager and get nothing also

Are you using rig manager?

How does your rig manager look like?

Are you sure Gig Performer receives Midi Messages at all?

k, i found the problem, with the firmware update to Helix, it switched to expression pedal 2, switched it back to 1 and it’s working :slight_smile:

one small thing thu, i have two organ VI’s in a rack, i need to get rid of one widget in space two of the rack, when i click edit in GP the number 2 rack space disappears, how can i switch to edit that rack space?

Use your mouse wheel to scroll those panels

using a touch pad on a laptop

i got it done, just barley, but would like to know what i’m missing short of hooking up a mouse

Touchpad on a laptop can be used as well - same as using mouse wheel.

k, thanx, i figured it out, two finger light touch on side and swipe, i’ve used a mouse all my life so i’m no expert on a touch pad :slight_smile:

while i got your attention, how come data from my expression pedal doesnt show up in the midi monitor? it’s working fine, but just wondering why i see nothing in the midi monitor when i move it.

What midi monitor?
The monitor window or the monitor plugin?

the plug in, is there another?

Yes there is the midi monitor window

Once a midi message is assigned to a widget you will not see it in the midi monitor plugin.

ahh, that one works great… thanx PP

Just because I am curious:
Did you read the user manual?
All that is descibed very well.

nah, i’m a jump right in and push buttons and break shit kinda guy

Do you not think it’s a bit unfair to depend on the good will of other users to answer questions that are covered in the user manual.


Yes, but that makes me love you even more PP, and i do very much appreciate the help. Happy new year man. :slight_smile: