Assign sub-groups

I’m asking for the ability to create and collapse sub-groups for less visual clutter.

I use GP as the crux of my one-man show, which includes live looping of 2 acoustic guitars, electric guitar, bass, keyboard, drums, and voice, with a total of 7 inputs. There are 7 different midi controllers on stage. Everything is digitally contained and controlled through my laptop, and wireless–no amps or monitors on stage.

Assigning various controls, plugins etc makes for a VERY cluttered GP screen, and it would help me immensely if I had the ability to create and collapse some sub-groups, choosing which elements I wished to be contained within a single rectangle. As you can see, there’s a lot going on, and regardless of how I try to organize the screen, it always ends up with many crossing connections and disjointed paths. I already use BlueCat Patchwork for many of those connections you see to sub-group as much as I can. It’s not for everything though, and still the screen ends up looking like that.

I realize that my use of GP exceeds the norm, and creating these new visual sub-groups would be a bit of a departure, aesthetically-speaking. I do think that it could be useful addition though.

Thoughts on this?

Yes something like a Super Block which contains blocks would be a good idea.

I like that—Super Block.

Per other threads, nested blocks are already on our list