Arturia MiniFreak V in offer

If you already are an Arturia customer, you get the new VST of their hardware synth MiniFreak in offer at 49 EUR.
Demos are terrific, I was thinking to buy the hardware, I stopped because of minikeys.
But as VST I can choose the controller, and this price seems reasonable.
Think well, mates …


Oooh, nicely spotted, thank you. I’ve nabbed myself a copy at €49… bargain!

ummm, one more

I logged in, and the sales price dropped from 99 euros to 69 euros. Is there a code or something to get the 49 euros price? Or has that offer expired?

49 is in case you are a V collection owner.
If you own something else is a little bit more


Let’s see how long it takes to get added to Analog Lab 5.

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It will not be added to Analog Lab.
It will be maybe added to V Collection with some presets available for Analog Lab.
I am not sure: are some Pigments presets available in Analog Lab?
If yes I think you are right.
Pigments is not included in V collection because it is not a vintage hardware synth.
I guess MiniFreak will follow same evolution.


I think they are moving beyond just vintage synths for V Collection (see Augmented Strings and Augmented Voices).

I would not be surprised if they added MiniFreak at some point. But, what do I know?!