Applied Acoustics B5 help needed

It seems you have to manually set host automation for each parameter in Attack EP88. Right click a control in the plugin, select a host automation entry from the list, and learn the parameter to the widget. Too bad they’re not mapped.

As I noticed host automation has to be enabled for a drawbar, this can very easy be done.
In version 2.5.2 this is already done.
So musicbysterling has 2 options: download version 2.5.2 or enable host automation for each drawbar needed.

Upon dowloading 2.5 yesterday, I came home to find this window on my screen.
Any suggestions as to what is going on here?


what did you do, edit the file?

You opened or viewed the compressed RAR file directly

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You have to unarchive the downloaded file, so you can open it in UVI Workstation.
Maybe that helps:

Also this link, take a look at step 2:

If host automation works well, it should not be a problem to invert the drawbar action. Go to the properties of the drawbar widgets, in the “value” tab (NOT the “MIDI” tab) check or uncheck the “invert value”’ an de it should work. With drawbar widgets it is inverted by default, so if it is not what is needed by B5 uncheck the option. You can also invert the value range by setting MIN=100, MAX=0. Of course you don’t want host automation and MIDI assignment activated at the same time :grimacing:

Thx pianopaul. So I successfully unarchived(sp?) the file. I also downloaded the latest version of UVI (3.0.8). I opened it up in GP as well as standalone and it looks like I still have v2.2. What gives now?
I’m going to download v2.5 again and see what happens next.

where did you unrar the file ?
when you open the ufs file, how does it look like?

After it’s downloaded, where should I open it? Where do I extract it? I’m downloaded it again as we speak and starting all over.

The .uls opened up in my Downloads.

After download extract it with unrar.
The rar file should be located in your download folder.
You can extract it wherever you want.
Then in uvi you can open it from the place where you extracted it.

Just got a reply from Acousticsamples:

Thank you for reaching us,

I confirm you that most of B5’s parameters are already pre-assigned to host automations, can you please tell me in what DAW you are using the soundbank?

I also recommend you update B5 to 2.5 on your system.

I do not understand why it automatically opens up after download.
Just save the downloaded file and do not open up with any program.
After it is downloaded in your download folder you can umcompress the downloaded file with unrar on your mac.
What exactly are you trying to do?

I’m just trying to get 2.5 to open up in either GP or standalone mode. I’m guessing that it hasn’t been properly saved in UVI?
On a positive note, however, I have been successful in mapping GP widgets to the host automation in B5, so that issue has been solved.

Problem solved! I discovered that I had to find the file while I had UVI opened up. Once I did that, I now have 2.5 accessible. Thanks so much for your assistance and suggestions!

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So with V2.5.2 all drawbars are host assigned and you can easily map to wdigets?

I got it to work in 2.2. I thought I successfully downloaded 2.5, but am still struggling with that. I’ve been in contact with their support team and hopefully they hand hold my hand through the process.