Applied Acoustics B5 help needed

So after using Blue3 for almost a year, I’ve decided to return to B5 for my go to Hammond. Howeever, I’ve forgotten how to assign widgets to this plug in. In GP edit mode,the UVIWorkstation shows Host Automation 1 thru 128. In B5 under the MIDI drop down menu, it has a mapping selection for my controller (Nord Electro) plus CC#s for what are listed as Elements. In GP, when I attempt to learn a drawbar for Host Automation 1 and click on the drawbar in B5 I want to control, I get nothing. I’ve also selected a specific Element in B5, such as the Element that is assigned to drawbar on and in GP attempted to assign that to the corresponding Host Automation with the same results.
What am I missing in the procedure in assigning my widgets to the B5 interface?

Open your plugin.
Select a widget and enter the learn mode. Move for example the desired drawbar in b5.
Now you have assigned a drawbar to your widget.

  1. if you drag a widget (drawbar for example, but it doesn’t really matter) into a rackspace and associate it with that B5 plugin, do you see a list of parameters appear. In particular do you see the parameter you want to use? If not, it’s quite possible that either (a) the B5 does not support host automation or (b) it has to be explicitly enabled in the B5.

You’ll really need to check these with the B5 developer

I did a test with B5 and Gig Performer.
I could learn a widget a drawbar, works as it should.
Today I will post a short video.

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B5 works properly with host automation.

Thx pianopaul. I see what my problem is - in your video the parameters in the mapping window actually are names of the parameters in B5. However, all my parameters simply say Host Automation 1…128. As David posted previously, is there something I need to do in the actual plugin to change this?

Strange, B5 is showing correct Host Parameters
But I have another product called “Attack EP88” and with this host automation does not work!
I’ll try to find out and come back.

Try this:

What version of B5 are you using?

Version 2.2

OK, strange
When I load V2 then not host automation is predefined, in V2.2 it is.
And in your 2.2 not host automation is predefined, right?

Correct. Right now, I’m trying to sift through the link to the manual you posted. I haven’t had any success in that so far either.:confused:

There is a new version 2.5.2, I am downloading just now.
Maybe it is worth to check this version.

I have contacted Acousticsamples and asked about the missing Host Automation.
Will see what the say.

Found this in a different forum:

Thank you EvilDragon!

I didn’t realize I was using v2 instead of v2.2. Now I see the ‘Rotating Speaker Speed’ plugin automation option.

I also learned I can adjust it using the ‘mod wheel’ automation under controllers.

Greatly appreciate the help,

Are you sure you are using V 2.2 ?
Did you try V 2.5

Version 2.2. I am having some success. What I discovered I have to do is control click (Mac) on the drawbar in B5 I want to assign. A MIDI/Automation box appears in which I select a Host Automation number. Then I have to select a MIDI CC# which corresponds to what parameter in B5 I want to use. In the case of the drawbars, it’s CC# 16…24. I then follow the suggestions in the previous posts by you all and now it works. Unfortunately, now I’m struggling with how to invert the drawbars. In GP, I have selected Invert for each one and under MIDI preferences in B5 there is an invert on/off as well, but I’m not able to correct this issue yet. Any suggestions here would also be of great help.

You should not use Midi to control a drawbar.
Just select an empty Automation number, now the drawbar automation should be available for the widget.
Then it should work like I showed in the video.
When you do this way, you can use the checkbox in the widget settings to invert or not invert the values sent by the widget.

Read this:

Just to exclude some weird situations:
When you load B5 V2.2 and right click on a drawbar, do you see assigned Host automation like you see when you right click for example percussion on/off?

You should really download V2.5.2 :wink:

I cleared all the MIDI CC#s so now when I right click on a drawbar, Host Automation says none, while the name of the parameter now just shows up. Still struggling with the drawbar inversions. It’s turned on in B5 and in GP, but no luck in figuring that out yet. AND now instead of saying drawbar, it says tirettes in B5 and GP!!! I have no idea how that happened nor how to change it back to English.
Can anything eIse get confusing:)
I’ll have to download 2.5 later.

Anyway, it is better to use host automation especially for inverting the drawbars, because using inverted MIDI sync won’t do it properly. I already sent a bug report for this (unfortunately with a Numa Organ 2, there is no possibility of host automation, it is a hardware organ).
But, if you invert the drawbars both on the GP and on the B5 side at the same time, it won’t help a lot :grimacing:

Regarding your “tirettes”, in original user manuals in French, Hammond translates drawbar by “tirette harmonique”, so you probably have a French B5 now. Congrats! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: