Apple Vsts missing after reinstall

Can you please describe your issue as informative as possible? Apple VSTs?

Which Apple VSTs? Apple doesn’t even have VSTs, they use AU format.

all of the AU plugins are missing in gp4 after reinstall. Au distortion/ Au Bandpass / Au Dynamic Processor along with about 25 more others.

What did you reinstall? Gig Performer? Your OS? Your plugins?

Can you please provide complete details as to what you did, what was happening before, what changed, why you reinstalled, etc.

What kind of computer are you running? Intel or M1? If the latter are you running GP native or under Rosetta?

It’s really difficult to provide useful help without such details.

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I had to do a reset on my laptop pc and forgot to deactivate gp4. The. It it wouldnt except the code I had after reinstalling windows 10 and gp4. After that I received a new code and reinstalled gp4 however now all of the AU plugins are missing. Everything else is great.

On windows there are no apple au plugins,
Windows cannot deal with au

Yes, AudioUnits (AU) don’t work on Windows.
For more information, please read this blog:

Your right, I overlooked that. I’ve spent most of my time on a Mac not a pc, setting up gp4
I just assumed the plugins should be on pc also. Thank you So much.