Anyone using STL Tones Amp Sims?

Anyone using any of their amp packs? Specifically looking at the Howard Benson pack.

I currently use Kazrog Thermionik with GP for live guitar and it’s working great but one slight annoyance (which ironically was an initial draw to Kazrog…) is the multi-plugin format. This means in GP I have to have loads of different rack panels set up for each amp and is a bit of a kerfuffle.

I’m looking to streamline my GP setup and also upgrade my ampsim and this seems like one a lot of people like. If anyone has it then two questions?

  1. are you happy with it!
  2. the interface appears that each amp has pretty much the same controls - do you know if the control ‘type’ is exposed for automation or is it a seperate control per amp? E.g. if I mapped ‘Treble’ to a widget in GP and then changed the amp model within STL, would the widget still control Treble of the new amp or would I need to remap it?

And yes, there is a demo but waiting for a period where I can use the 10days to full effect before I download :upside_down_face:

I haven’t tried STL but looked up the Howard Benson and will now download the trial. I’ve never found an amp sim I’ve liked as much as S-Gear. The only other one I occasionally use is Mercuriall Spark for Marshall tones.

Ah cool - yeah S-Gear is the other option; I know there is the 2.9update coming soon(ish) that will give it a bit of a refresh (not that it needs it by the sounds of it). The plan is to try both out together as they offer similar things.

Be interesting to hear your thoughts on each. What sort of tones are you going for?

If you want to try more, have a look here:

Ah yeah, had forgotten about that thread!