Anyone have an idea of how to duplicate this sound?

I am using a Vortex Wireless Keytar on GP3. this Gary Moore song has always fascinated me. Keytar Jeff plays it here: Gary Moore "Still Got The Blues" w Keytarjeff - YouTube

I need to find out how to duplicate that guitar sound. Any ideas?

Jeff is using the guitar plugins from MusicLab — they’re really very good. I use them myself along with effects from TH-U and sometimes from GuitarRig.

Well, that $139 is way beyond what I can pay. Most of my work wiill be Bass and Hammond B3 stuff, Just wanted to do that sound. I will try to get it from a couple of free VSTs out there.

Thanks anyway dhj

If anyone wants to play stll got the blues for you, I found a great backing track:

I snagged the mp3 audio track and am going to use it in GP3

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I have all of ML Real Guitars. They are so worth the money. If you can pick up a used PS3 Guitar Hero controller, then you can play them in Strumminator mode picking and strumming as in a real guitar. Just buy the RG Classic and you get seven acoustics in one bundle.