Any ideas setting click to 8th notes?


I am getting GP setup for the first time, and I am curious if there is a known solution fo setting click to use 8th notes as this is my preference for slower tempos. Example: I’d like 2 clicks per beat rather than 1. I understand that I could just double the tempo, but then I’d have to adjust arpeggios and tempo based vst’s accordingly.

I love GP so far, and I am looking forward to replacing my DAW with it for live use if I can just figure out a few more features.


Not at this time — we’ll put it in our tracking system as a suggestion.


I thought of 1 temporary solution, but I don’t love it. I could create a separate instance of GP just for click and double the tempo of every rackspace in my new instance for slow songs.

Another nice feature would be ability to assign metronome volume with a widget


Was also a bit gutted to find out I can’t send clicks to my drummer on 8th notes - indispensable when you’re in 6/8 for instance. Does anyone know of a good workaround for the current situation?


What do you want to send to the drummer.
A click sound via your interface or a midi message?


Here is a simple script.
It sends a midi message to an IAC Midi In - which is directly connected to a Midi Out.

But you could also connect for example a Kontakt wich has a click Sample on C3.

 var N : NoteMessage
     MIN : MidiInBlock
     T    : double
     S    : double
 on Activate
  N = MakeNoteMessage(C3, 100)
 on BeatChanged (bar : integer, beat : integer, subbeat : integer)
  T = GetBPM()
  S = 1000.0*60.0/T/2.0
  SendLater(MIN, N, S)
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Many thanks for this - looks like the kind of thing I need!

I have various software samplers that I can load two metronome click samples into (i.e. one for the main beat, one for the bar sub divisions). I’m wondering if there is any way this script could be modified to give a main beat / sub beat midi output into a softsynth within GP?


Yes, just replace Midi Out (IAC - Treiber…) by your soft synth :wink: