An instance of Audio File player detuned my other instance of Keyscape

Something strange happened which I couldn’t believe at first but tried it again and it happened again. As follows:
Scenario: I have 1 instance of Keyscape and 1 instance of an Audio file player with several Mp3 audio files within.

  1. I opened my first Rig that has Keyscape and Mini Grand plugins. No issues. All in tune.
  2. I opened my second instance (the audio file player) and launched the audio file (an ambient pad in key of C)
  3. As soon as I hit my keyboard, my piano had gone off key. In this case it went down between a tone and semitone… a really weird key that was not really one or the other.

I have no idea what the cause is. I quit Gig Performer and relaunched the above steps and it happened again.

Any ideas anyone?

If you’re running two instances of Gig Performer, do you have different audio sample rates in each of them?


YES! Thank you! That solved the problem. One was at 44100 while the other was at 48000. Put them both at 44100 and now it’s okay.
Thanks so much ! Learn something today.

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