Amplitude 5 crashed GP

I have installed AT5 (Mac Version) and tried it with GP. Unfortunately GP always (VST3 / VST / AU) crashed.

Sofar I’m using the free version to compare it to AT 4 . I have a few IT AT4 products (like Leslie and Fender). To my understanding the free version should work with AT 4 products.

I have tried the standalone version and it worked without problems (including the AT products like Leslie). During start of the standalone Version AT5 asked for some permissions (eg access to Documents folder and Mic). May be within GP it asks for similar permissions and the dialog is not displayed and therefore it crashed GP ???

Any similar experience?

Did you get a crash report?

Just downloaded, what do I have to do to get a crash?

For me, on Win 10 using GP 3.8.1 and the free version of Amplitube 5–the VST and VST3 take very long for the initial scan, and then GP puts them in the Deactivated(Red) list.

Amplitube 5 VST also gets blacklisted in Cubase 9.5. I was able to get the VST3 to load there however.

EDIT: after uninstalling/re-installing Amplitube 5 I was able to get the VST and VST3 recognized and run properly by GP.

On Mac it is validated and running

Ok … looks like the problem is sitting in front of the computer. :grinning:

I will do tomorrow a new install and check if it is then running without problems

There was only the usual Apple Crash Report …

Yes - that report is what we would like to look at so if you get it again - please attach it here. Thanks.

Hi djogon,
as requested … the crash report …
Changed file extention to txt as crash is not supported

GigPerformer3_2020-12-19-000859_MusikMacs-MacBook-Pro.txt (199.8 KB)

I have not found a way to uninstall the AT 5 plugins, only option was to do a uninstall / reinstall of the IK product manager. I have also done a remove / rescan of the VST from the GP Plugin manager.

No progress - problem still the same.

Thank you for the crash report - as you can see - AmpliTube5 crashed - it is clearly spelled out as com.ikmultimedia.AmpliTube5 …
That’s the “module” that crashed the entire application.
You could contact them and send them this crash report. There is nothing we can do to fix things inside a plugin.

|0   com.ikmultimedia.AmpliTube5   |0x000000012acbde9f juce::ComponentBoundsConstrainer::setBoundsForComponent(juce::Component*, juce::Rectangle<int>, bool, bool, bool, bool) + 31|
|1   com.ikmultimedia.AmpliTube5   |0x000000012aaa7209 IK::JTK::ScaleManager::UpdateConstrainerParameters() + 537|
|2   com.ikmultimedia.AmpliTube5   |0x000000012aaa6cc9 IK::JTK::ScaleManager::checkBounds(juce::Rectangle<int>&, juce::Rectangle<int> const&, juce::Rectangle<int> const&, bool, bool, bool, bool) + 41|
|3   com.ikmultimedia.AmpliTube5   |0x000000012acbe1f8 juce::ComponentBoundsConstrainer::setBoundsForComponent(juce::Component*, juce::Rectangle<int>, bool, bool, bool, bool) + 888|

thanks for the Support and Feedback… I will send the report to IKMultimedia.

In the meantime 1 have done a bit Web Search and found more user with issues.

I also found an entry reporting that the display solution was an Issue and crashed AT ( don’t know if it was AT 5 or another version). I checked my display resolution and moved from Standard to Scaled (higher resolution).

Surprise Surprise: now AT 5 is working.

So it may be a display / resolution problem

Strange, on my Mac with standard resolution there is no crash

If you look at the crash report, the function names during the crash do indeed suggest a screen resolution issue

My be my Mac is to old (late 2013) and therefore the standard resolution to low or the wrong graphic chip or … you never know.

Doesn’t matter — plugins still shouldn’t just crash! For example, if Gig Performer itself couldn’t handle your Mac, we would produce a proper warning and exit…we wouldn’t want to crash!

This is fixed in the new 5.0.1 release posted today in IK’s Product Manager.

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IK has also send me a mail that the problem is fixed with the update. Will test it within the next days

It works fine for me, Catalina, GP latest version, AT5 5.0.0.

Problem fixed with version 5.0.1 — good support from IK