Amplitube and parameters

Wondering if anyone has run into this problem.

Amplitube is very CPU hungry, and I have a problem with it. There are only 16 internal parameter changes in the plugin. I would have to run multiple instances of Amplitube to control the 8+ pedal chain I want to run due to the limitation.

Now I found that I can map the Midi CC’s in the widget parameter, but it does not sync to the widgets upon preset changes within the application, or even GP preset changes, because the midi CC’s within amplitube are not parameter assigned. This is a problem since I use Touch OSC and need these things to sync.

There is no Midi out to sync the midi cc’s on the Amplitube block, so i cant run it into the Local GP port and assign it to the widget to sync it that way.

I may need help with some possible scripting to get this to work.