Ambisonics - IEM Plugin Suite Real-Time?

Doing a VST scan found these IEM Plugin Suite.
Is it possible to use Ambisonics in realtime or do audio files need to be bounced (rendered, encoded) first?

This IEM Plugin Suite.looks really interesting (and I tested the Reaper tutorial template and tried it in Cakewalk, but really have no real understanding of how to use these tools.
Just looking to lean from anyone that can explain the basics.
IEM Plugin Suite

You would have to ask the Ambisonics people that question

Yes, the ones i tested do. Seems thats the purpose of these plugins.
You can just place it into your audio path, …and see yourself :wink:

it works realtime. The reported latency in GP is: “0 samples” for the ones i tested.
I´ve not tested all of them, and those just very short in a strange self playing noise patch.
Not with real instruments. Can´t comment much.
Some seem to be encoders/decoders. I never looked at those so far.

Guess thats some work, to find a useful “common” musical context to use these plugins.
edit: looks like made for installations, post-production, more that direction from what i gather on the quick