All Notes Off when Changing Variation?


If I set up a multitimbral instrument with the sounds I need to play (with a particular backing track) spread across the MIDI channels I can then set up a widget to transpose the MIDI channel being sent to the synth which can be saved under the variation.

Whilst this works, it’d be useful to have an option to send an all notes off message when changing the variation to avoid hanging notes - is this possible?



You could create a simple script that just called the Panic() function when you switch variations. That would stop everything.

// Called when you switch variations
On Variation(oldVariation : integer, newVariation : integer)


Thanks David. I’ll try that.
I’m currently testing GP using an iRig Keys Pro and changing variations toggling the up and down arrows, so it could be that when I configure program changes to select variations from a better controller the keyboard would take care of this itself. It’s great having a workaround in the interim though, thanks!


Hi all,
I’m a super newbie (so be patient ;)) but I’d like to go deeper with multitimbral vst handling.
Following the manual I put several midi input addin, all with just one midi route enabled, always channel 1 Input and different midi out. Then with some buttons on the rack you can disable (Bypass plugin) what you don’t need and save button configuration in some variations. In this way when you enter in a Variation a allnoteoff msg is sent on bypassed channels without the need of scripting. So a solution for you… but a problem for me.
I’d like to have the sound remain in your exact configuration. Not notes stuck but an healthy sound remain.
I was thinking to filter note on on midi channels I don’t want leaving note off for all channels but it doesn’t seem a clean solution. Any Idea?


Sorry - only noticed this question today — blocking NoteOns while allowing NoteOff events is a totally reasonable way to do it. What makes you think it’s not clean? Because lots of extra NoteOff events get sent to a plugin without previous NoteOn events? If so, so what? It works!

Perfect is the enemy of good enough!

(By the way, this was already discussed here)