Alias Type


I’m struggling with the syntax for this if my alias is called “Some Alias with Spaces”.


Var Some Aliases with Spaces : MidInDeviceAlias

Of course that doesn’t since there are spaces within the Var.

If I name my alias “SAWS” then of course this works since there are no spaces in the alias name.

Var SAWS : MidiInDeviceAlias

I haven’t tested this yet so maybe it would work

Var Some_Alias_with_Spaces : MidiInDeviceAlias

I don’t think this works because trying to assign an alias name to a string

Var MyVar : MidiInDeviceAlias = “Some Alias with Spaces”


It doesn’t work for the moment and I proposed this:

Regarding Rig Manager aliases, in the meantime, you will have to rename them without spaces.

@Davidsan , Thanks!

OK ,cannot read that. Do I have to create a new account for YouTrack?


Well, the discussion was here: