Advice for new MBP

Hi all, I posted the following on the keyboard forum and a few people suggested that I check in with the good people at Gigperformer to see if there’s something specific to GP that benefits from 6 cores as opposed to 4…thanks in advance for your input.

… my late 2011 MBP just died (2.2 i7 w/16 G RAM and SSD, so you know where I’m coming from). I use Gigperformer with a lot of different piano and E piano libraries and an occasional synth. I’m comfortable using a 128buffer, but I did stop using Amplitube on my E pianos as I found it added a touch more latency than I’m cromfortable with. My question; it looks like I can get, for similar pricing, a 2020 MBP 16” with the 9th gen i7 6 core with 16 gig ram or a 13” with 10th gen i7 4 core with 32 gig ram. Both are 500+ SSD (that should cover me with room to spare). Screen size is a non issue…of course the larger screen would be nice but not a factor. I like the idea of the 10gen processor and 32 gig ram, so I guess it really comes down to whether the 6cores will make a big difference over the 4. Or is the doubled RAM more important … Any help would be great.

I would go with the 32Gb version myself but that’s just me – particularly if you’re using lots of sample libraries rather than physical models

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This is the direction I’m leaning toward. I do use pianoteq but that already runs well on my 9 year old machine so that shouldn’t be an issue. Thanks!

The base CPU frequency also plays an important role in the global behavior of your system.

I’m sorry, but you lost me. The base frequency?

That’s one of the specs of a processor:

e.g. for a Core i7 8700K it is 3,7GHz

Yeah, depends on whether you’re using a 4-string Bass or a 5-string bass!


One major annoyance with my 16“ is the dedicated graphics card which causes the fans to spin really loud as soon as an external monitor is connected. This is no problem with the 13“ (since it has only Intel Graphics)

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