Adjusting beat accent volumes in the audio metronome

Is there a way to adjust the volume difference between the beat and accent volume in the metronome? Or perhaps not have an accent?


You could load your own samples for Beat and Accent by pressing the buttons labelled “…”

I have done that and when I load the same sample to both accent and beat, it eliminates the volume disparity but then I still have no way to adjust the volume difference between the two.

I understand.
just use 2 samples :wink:

Ok. Just to be clear, currently there is no way to adjust volumes to accent and beat that is internal to GP?

I am not aware of that possibility.

Easy workaround: just edit sample volumes to taste and then load samples into GigPerformer :wink:

I appreciate everyones replies but I was really looking for an internal solution such as you might find on a DAW (like Digital Performer). Chatting with pianopaul, it appears there is none. Perhaps I’ll put it as feature request.
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Do you need to adjust beat levels all the time, such that using your own level-adjusted samples for this is not suitable? :thinking:

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It is not critical but sometime I want to have an emphasis on the downbeat and sometimes I don’t. A full fledged metronome would be great. I was using the one from Melda but I would have to create an plugin for every rack. I did use a new instance of GP and that worked but there is a lag between pressing play and having the metronome play. I suppose what I really want is a master rack that would feed all the other racks. I could put a metronome there as well as a master delay and reverb. Again, a feature request.
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How did you press play?
Via the mouse or assigned MIDI controller?