Additional features to Midi In Block

Please add the ability to create multiple instances of Midi In Block from within the Midi In Block.

Eg, If I want to quickly setup keyboard mapping to a particular plugin I’d like to be able to do it without having to create a Midi In Block for ever midi channel used. Id like to be able to pick the midi channel Im using, the min and max keyboard range, transposition, any cc values that need mapping or scaling, then I’d like to press an (+add) button and see a new midi in block screen where i can pick a new midi channel, keyboard range, transposition, cc value mapping … an unlimited amount of times ( or at least 4).

This would reduce the amount of Midi In Blocks required/bypassed for complex keyboard mappings, or save on widgets .

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Interesting idea but there’s a piece I’m not quite understanding. If you don’t want a new midi block, what would you have instead? There has to be a way to distinguish one set of settings (transpose, channel, splits, etc)from another. That is the purpose of each midi block, and that’s really all that it does.

You could use tabs. so each time you hit the +add button it will create a new tab.

As an example. Lets say you are using Kontakt with 4 sounds on 4 midi channels, and each sound requires a separate key mapping and controller mapping. The current way would require 4 instances of Midi In Block all connected to kontakt. My idea would only result in 1 Midi In Block being needed.

Interesting idea. But I think it would make more sense to visualize the different MIDI IN “layers” and show key range and channel routing in these layers. And when you select one layer you can edit the custom settings for this layer. I’d prefer this over a “tab approach” where you don’t get any information about the different Blocks/layers without selecting each of them.

And another thing:
Imagine you have 4 Tabs for your Midi Ins, that could result in 4x16 Midi Outs.
How to show the connnections of this Midi Outs to the plugins?

I believe he just wants to configure based on midi channel so you would have one output connected to all the plugins but each channel would drive the splits, etc.

This approach depends on your configuring your physical keyboards to do send stuff out on multiple channels.

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