Additional editing tweaks

I’ve just purchased GP3 after a very successful trial period. I totally love this product for my live Keyboard rig!
As a software developer (my day job) I am always creating user interfaces, so dragging, dropping, resizing aligning is all very second nature to me. However, there are some things that I found missing that would really help the experience of developing rigs.

  1. The ability to undo at least one ste with Ctrl+z
  2. The ability to lock a widget in position so that you don’t accidentally move it while editing
  3. Cut and Paste from one Rack Instance to another

Like you, I’ve been very happy to have GP3. For live keyboard performance, there’s nothing else remotely like it, and because it is so intuitive and easy to work with, not to mention being friendly on CPU load, I love using it at home to experiment with VST combinations, sound design, layered instruments, effects, etc., before setting up complicated rigs inside my DAW. Sometimes I just treat my laptop running GP as an instrument and run it via external audio cables into my DAW on my desktop to record parts. As far as the editing tweaks you mention:

  1. An ‘Undo’ feature is a frequent request by GP users and the developers have responded in other posts and other forums that they agree it would be a good feature and they have it on their ‘to-do’ list, but it is harder to implement that it may seem and it has not made it to the top of the list, yet.

As for me, I’d be happy if GP could just have an undo for when I inadvertently ‘remove’ a VST from the work-space. I’ve done this, live, a number of times when I’m trying to quickly duplicate a VST to create an alternative instrument and I right-click but my finger slips and I hit ‘Remove’ instead of ‘Duplicate’. That’s a sad moment. Alternatively, it would at least be nice to get a ‘Are you sure?’ type message when selecting ‘Remove’.

  1. I agree it would be nice to be able to ‘lock’ a widget in place as I have inadvertently moved and resized them in the past. On the other hand, the developers have included a set of functions, when selecting two or more widgets, where you can align, resize and distribute in various ways, which typically makes location adjustments pretty easy.

  2. I believe you can cut and paste between rack spaces. It’s been a while, but I think I have copy-pasted between different rackspaces in the same gig file, so I would think cut-paste is similar. Here’s the steps:
    A. In edit mode, select the widget you want to copy or cut, and then use [control - c] or [control - x].
    B. Leave edit mode, and then go to the rackspace you want to paste to.
    c. Enter edit mode, make sure you don’t have any widgets selected in the new rackspace and then use [control - v] to paste the widget.

As I said, I think I’ve only done this with the copy function, but I’d think cut would work too.