Add new panel in Trial Version


actually I’m use the Trialversion and I like GP. My question ist - how can I add a new panel? In the manual the pictures shows a button under the first panel to add a new panel. I dont see this in the trial version. I thought, before I will buy GP, I can test all functions. :frowning:

Greetings from Germany

Where are the rackspace templates?

Did you activate the edit mode?


@monkey78 did you scroll all the way down? to the end of the first rackspace?


omg :man_facepalming:- thats the solution :joy: life could be so simple



Rackspace can be 1U , 2; 3 and 4U so they take bigger screen space :wink:


I am testing the 2.6.2 version, and no “New panel” option appears at the bottom of the unique rack space displayed when in edition mode.

It is related to the fact that my display resolution is only 1380x800, because when I use a monitor with the 1920x1080 resolution the “New panel” button is displayed.

Where can I do a bug report ?



You can just scroll the panels up with your mousewheel (or equivalent). In a future version of GP, this button will be on the top.
Nevertheless, thank you for taking the time to report this.


Thank you for this answer.

I can see the entire panel, so scrolling is not a possible option (no scroll bar displayed). But the “New panel” button is not displayed in 1380x800.

If I want to add a new panel, I have to connect a larger monitor which is not the small touch screen that I use for my piano rig.




There is no scroll bar. Just place the mouse over the panels and use the mouse wheel to scroll the panels. Also, of course make sure you are in Edit Layout mode otherwise that button wont be visible at all.


OK, magic ! The “New panel” option finally appeared thanks!

I start my second day of test, for the moment I am positively impressed :+1:


Great…yeah, it was only after a few users with small laptops reported the same problem that we realized thst button should be at the top.
Appreciate the feedback