Access Multiple Outputs Battery 4

I am using a Native Instruments Battery 4 VI and want to send different pads out separate outputs to add FX on specific sounds. I have Battery preferences engine set to 14 stereo outputs and 4 mono outputs. In Gig Performer I only get a stereo output as my option. Is there a way in GP to add multiple outputs in the bus layout preference view?

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I just instantiated Battery 4 and it opened up with (I think) 32 outputs. I then opened the bus layout and it showed an entire list. Not sure why you are not seeing the same thing.

I assume you are using Gig Performer Version 3

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Since you were able to instantiate with all the outputs I removed the Batt 4 and instantiated a new one with the same results. I usually use audio units so that is my standard. I decided to try the Native Instruments GmbH version which is the VST version and it worked like a charm. This brings up the question of is Audio units or VST better than the other?

Thanks for you reply it inspired me to look for something new and I found it thanks to you!!



I wish there was a way to make all of my GP presets switch to VST for my Battery 4 instantiations. I guess I will have to go through all of my presets and change them individually. Time consuming! I’m pretty new to GP so maybe there is an answer for this but I doubt it. Move on!!

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There’s generally no single right answer to this. Personally, unless there is no VST version, I use VSTs everywhere since it’s really only Apple proprietary apps that require AUs. Using the VST version has the added benefit that if you load a gigfile created on a Mac on to a Windows machine, as long as the required VSTs are installed, your gigfile should just work.

Every now and again, one comes across a plugin where one format “behaves” better with certain hosts but that’s generally because the plugin developer didn’t fully or correctly implement the plugin API and perhaps didn’t test with Gig Performer so as to discover an issue.

Thank you for the insight!