Abstracting Midi inputs on a Mac (if necessary)

I’m in the process of switching to Mac from PC. One of the challenges I’ve dealt with on the PC is if you bind a USB/MIDI port from a hardware device to GP, and for whatever reason, you need to reboot/restart the controller, you have to restart GP after rebooting the device so that the midi port will rebind. There are ways around this with Windows such as abstracting the devices by running through an intermediary app like MIDI OX and then binding the MIDI OX ports in GP.

Since I’m new to Mac/MIDI (after 26 years of MIDI with PC), I don’t know if this is even necessary in case a device needs to be rebooted while GP is running. If the answer is yes, what are some recommended approaches/apps to accomplish this?

thanks, X

PS: be prepared for my deluge of Mac/Midi/GP questions :slight_smile: . I know you all are the best of the best for helping me make this transition.

On Mac when you restart your controller not even a restart of GP is necessary.

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Thanks, @pianopaul ! Lightning fast response and a great answer for me moving forward!


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I made recently the same switch. The first huge advantage is that ALL core audio devices are intrinsically multi client. This means that you can use GigP and software of your audio board without any problem. Huge advantage…
And I used my old NI Kontrol Audio 6 without any driver installation. Connect and go.
I was shocked…