Ableton question

I’m sorry to ask again a Ableton question, but here a lot of people know also a lot of things about Ableton.

In the picture you see multiple scenes. Each scene is a song. There is also a track called “FX” These are clips I would like to launch manually (in my case with a pad controller). When the clip “Dancing” is started, also the first scene starts (is also highlighted). But that is not what I want. The clips in de FX track have to play on the own, without starting a scene. What I’m doing wrong here?


How do you start the clip?

what are you using?

Simply MIDI map independently - clips and scenes :wink:

Did you stop the running clips before starting the new?

The square icon just above the “MIDI From” stops running clips in the track.

I use GP for starting the scenes. When the scene (song) is finished, I don’t stop the running scene. There is also no automated stop build in (don’t know if this is even possible).

The “Dancing” clip I want to start when a scene is playing. Other clips I want to start when a scene is not playing. To start a clip I use the pads on a Akai LPD8.

In Ableton Live 11 you can use Scene Actions to stop a scene after for example 10 bars,

Can you upload this Ableton Live Set and describe the steps you are doing beginning from starting Ableton Live?


I sended you an email.

Me too :wink:

Try this:

Select_Scene_Feedback.amxd (157.8 KB)

Just send the OSC Messages in a Gig Script

On SystemEvent(newValue : double) Matching PlayheadStateChanged
 if newValue == 1.0 then
  OSC_SetAddress(MOSC, "/LaunchScene")
  OSC_SendSpecific(MOSC, "", 8000)
  OSC_SetAddress(MOSC, "/StopScene")
  OSC_SendSpecific(MOSC, "", 8000)

With /StopScene the global play and the playing clips are stopped in Ableton Live