Ability to hide widget

Please add the ability to hide a widget from the panel so that it can still be used but will only be visible when in edit mode.

Maybe a hidden panel could be an option also.

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If I understand you correctly, you want to be able to control widgets from your physical device but not actually see the widget.

Question: there is a certain amount of important information to be gained from seeing a widget move when you adjust a physical knob or slider. If the widget is not there and something goes wrong, perhaps with your physical controller, it will be much harder to diagnose the problem, particularly in a live situation since you won’t be able to tell that a widget is not receiving midi, for example.

My idea is based on the premise in GP that variations only save widget information. If I want to change a parameter on say a Midi In Block I have to create a widget to do that. Its highly unlikely I want to see that widget move. I just want it to do its thing when i change to that variation. Hiding the widget would free up space.

I can understand the idea of saving parameter state without having a widget for that. For me it was always enough to add one more panel for these kinds of widgets and make this “helper” panel as small as possible.

That’s a good argument but to be honest I never had this problem with widgets during rehearsals or gigs. A much bigger problem has always been that I can’t tell that an Instrument or a MIDI In Block is receiving midi in the Back View because there’s no visual feedback.

That’s a good point Lukas, and frankly would be a good addition. The visual feedback provided (besides the green flickering midi light top right) at each instrument or widget (say, an extra green light?) would at least acknowledge that everything is connected and working.
I’ve been in live situations where I couldn’t hear the different parameter changes because of drums, or bass or whatever, and in such cases, extra visual feedback could help.
Or maybe try in-ear…

On the other hand, it also means that a lot of lights will be flashing, especially when I’ve the three midi-controllers connected to GP…