A question of faith

Up until now, my live setup consisted of an automated Cubase.
There it is no problem to bring a midi track for the light, a synchronous track for audio, and audio clips into a song sequence. Metronome etc. … no problem at all.

The handling of the VSTis is of course problematic. Elaborate automations and routings, as well as constantly loaded instruments and corresponding instability.

Nevertheless, I very often need a synchronous sequence of this kind.

Would you recommend me to install Cubase in parallel now?
If so, as a master, as a slave?
I imagine the audio driver to be problematic. I used to have RME FF UC, but there are not enough inputs and outputs. At the moment it is an Allen & Heath Q PAC, which should also be automated.

Or is it a better idea to use VidPlayerMTC and - maybe even as the main audio player, because this will probably allow you to jump to a certain point in the song. (Is that possible?)

At the moment, however, I am still completely missing a midi player for lighting control.
We have solved one light per rack. Thanks again for that.
But when the song is running it should go on automatically.

I am using Ableton Live for that kind of staff.
Backing Tracks and midi for light and video control.
For video clips I am using Grand VJ and for the light dmxis.

From Gig Performer ableton live is controlled.
When I press play on my S88 controller the playhead is started in gig performer and ableton live is started.
With ableton link both GP and Ableton Live are absolutely in sync.
With the on beatchanged callback in scripting I automated variation changes, so I can concentrate on playing.

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Very cool. :sunglasses:

I think GRand VJ is a little bit over the top for me.
Cubase has a videoplayer which can set up to a second Screen, and that one can be played out to a beamer via hdmi. That does the job I did it already.

If it is possible with Ableton, it should be possible with cubase too.
2 questions:

Is the start coming from GP only a start and cubase or Live plays blindly or is there a mtc and you can start also from a certain bar? Especially in rehearsals it is laborious to start from beginning every time. I coulld not found such a possibility within GPs Player.

How did you solve the audiodriver problem?
I am on Windows 64bit. Can you connect Live and GP to the same interface?

I am on Mac, so no Audio driver issue.

And for rehearsals just locate the desired location in Cubase and start play.
As Long as you do not automation in GP script depending on the on beatchanged callback you are save.
But you could also create an automation track in cubase which sends required program change messages to GP.
Then wherever you start in Cubase then GP is set to the correct variation.
This way I did when I was using Mainstage in earlier times.

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OK, that means Cubase would be Master and GP only Host for VSTis.

Another short thing:

My Laptop has 3 x USB
1 Midi Pedal + Interface
2 DMXIS Light
3 Allen & Heath Mixer (Audio)
HDMI will be the Beamer

Right now Cubase needs a dongle, I am on fire.
In future Steinberg will change that dongle solution.

But on Mac as far as I know you have not even 3 USBs but I think more devices than me.
Do you use a USB Hub?
Is this handy?

On the new macs , since 2018, you have 4 usb-c ports.
1 is used for the power supply, means you have 3 USB ports free.
And yes I am using an usb-hub
It is passive, better would be an active.

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Heheeee … also on Win 64 i can use the Audio driver from both GP and Cubase together… :smiley:
So I am busy now with setting all up

With the correct multi asio driver this is possible.