A naughty question

Is it possible to run an instance of GP and MStage at the same time .?.., wanting to give a 4 click count in while a drone sound is playing is impossible in Ms because pressing play with metronome resets the audio, thus nullifies / resets to off the drone for the click count in for band …, audio player in Gp has no such issue

It should be possible on Mac :wink:

You can certainly run them together - curious as to why though, unless you’re wanting to access Apple’s proprietary plugins from Gig Performer.

You are right I can play a drone pad in audio player and run ms , dhj…, how can I do that?, access ms plugs from Gp?

You cannot directly access MS instruments from Gig Performer.
By the way in this thread you already asked about that

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I know, but dhj mentioned it, and he’s a wiz so perhaps something changed I thought

Only one thing?

Correct. Not directly. However, with some preparation, you can treat MainStage as if it were a virtual remote hardware synth. See this blog article for how to do this with Logic (and probably many other DAWs). I’m certain the technique can be adapted to work with MainStage as well.

Note - no official support for such things - this is just for people want to experiment. It’s generally better to just sample the instruments you want in Logic/Mainstage and use a sampler in GP to play them.

Can we use Gp as a vst instrument in a channel strip ?, apparently plogue can be used as one

In what channel strip?
GP is not a plugin.

Not sure what plogue has to do with anything. No, Gig Performer does not exist as a plugin. However, you can drive Gig Performer from a DAW using virtual MIDI

Thanx, Ms resets audioengine on pressing play and I use Gp’s audio player , cause it keeps playing , others use plogue as a plugin within ms and it seems it doesn’t reset that channel strip

Apples logic/ ms has this reset audio engine problem when pressing play , ableton doesn’t